noun \?si-z?-j?\: the straight-line alignment of three celestial bodies in a gravitational system.

A solar eclipse is a brief moment of daytime darkness, when all of nature pauses, quiet and still. In the chill of the moon’s shadow, the temperature drops. Birds stop singing, daytime flower blossoms begin to close, bees become disoriented and stop flying. With sunlight obscured, bright stars and planets become visible—creating a unique visual ambience.

Although only visible over a small area off the coast of Antarctica, a partial solar eclipse will take place on the opening date of Syzygy, Friday, July 1. We’re embracing the pause of nature and suspension of circadian rhythms caused by the solar eclipse, and using this hush to appreciate a collection of work contributed by an inspired group of artists.

Show Details
Syzygy is a collection of work that features the trifecta of photography, illustration, and sculpture. Join us for the opening reception on July 1 from 6PM-9PM—First Friday in Hood River*

Blue Collar Interactive
310 Oak Street, Suite 104
*Show & sales through July

The Artists

Alberto Cerriteno

Chris Clark

Kevin Cornell

Russ Cosgrove

Stephen Datnoff

Meredith Dittmar

Caleb Freese

The Cause

Syzygy is the alignment of art, education and environment, with 10% of all art sales being donated to Columbia Gorge Arts in Education (CGAIE). CGAIE is a non-profit organization that provides arts education to K-12 school children in Hood River, Wasco, and Sherman counties in Oregon and Klickitat County in Washington. Their mission is to enhance every child’s education through performing, visual and literary arts in our schools and community. You can also donate any dollar amount now!