In 2010, Hood River Middle School participated in a school-wide art and science project exploring the theme of stewardship. HRMS purchased a large globe (5 feet in diameter!) with funds from their Warren Miller Film Fundraiser (organized by Doug’s Sports), and matching funds from local businesses Andrew's Pizza, Columbia River Insurance, and Cannery, LLC. The monies were used to acquire the globe and commission CGAIE artist Susan Murrell to coordinate the student art component of the globe. The “Global Community Art Project” enjoyed school-wide participation. Students addressed many environmental topics and conveyed their ideas in images. Over 150 interested students then volunteered to be a part of the Globe Design Team and sifted through initial sketches from the classrooms, merging similar ideas and creating new connections. After developing a design for the artwork, about 30 students signed-up to attend Globe Studio Days and paint!

The footprints are a metaphor for the different ways our choices and actions can impact the environment. Circling the earth, narrative vignettes within the footprints reflect the state of the planet, actions to take for a healthy community, and thriving ecosystems. At the top of the globe is a ring of silhouettes of real Hood River Middle School students who participated in this project. They represent our school - at once a small circle of friends as well as participants in the larger global community. Like a trail of responsibility, the footprints lead to us!​

This project culminated in the production of a student-owned piece of public art for permanent installation in front of the HRMS library. The unveiling ceremony took place on May 19th and was attended by students, parents, AIEG and the project sponsors.​This project would not have been possible without the effort of the HRMS teachers (Ann McDonald in particular), local business sponsors, and parents. Robin Dickinson, the chair of the Board of Directors played an important role in bringing this project to fruition. 

Big thanks to the Global Community Art Project sponsors:  Andrew's Pizza & Bakery, Columbia River Insurance​ and Cannery, LLC.

Cool Globes